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Hey i have the gtx 580 however i only have the two 6 pin power connecters. I have the cables to turn those into an 8 pin power connector and to turn two molex into one 6 pin. The problem is that my comp only has two molex and one of them is being used for my hard drive. Im just wondering if i can get this going or if im out luck.
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  1. Hi, if your psu has 2x 6pin and the 580 needs 1x6 and 1x8 why cant you just turn one of the 6 pins into an 8 pin and away you go?? What make and model is your psu?
  2. What is your PSU? brand? model?
  3. Assuming the PSU produces enough power, just use the two 6 pin connectors.

    A 6 pin connector has 3 12 volt leads and 3 grounds (3 yellow and 3 black wires). A "6+2" pin connector has 3 12 volt leads and 3 grounds and 2 more grounds (3 yellow and 5 black wires).

    It cannot transfer any more power than the 6 pin lead can.
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