CoolerMaster HAF 912 Plus vs Sorm Sniper?

I have a difficult time choosing between CoolerMaster HAF 912 Plus and Storm Sniper. I have no idea which one to get?

Which one is more practical?
Which one is cooler, and has best noise isolation?

Seriously which one should i get?
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  1. Honestly, It would depend on how much you would like to spend. HAF 922, 690 II, HAF 932, and The Storm Scout are all good cases you could get.
  2. But i want both of them! Each has features that i like! But mostly i want to have a more compact and contained PC so i think i'm going for the HAF. I really hope i'm not missing out on the sniper.
  3. Dude... HAF 912 is half the price of sniper... Sniper has 3 or 4 built-in fans whereas 912 has just 2 built-in fans... plus the fan controller... plus handle...

    Both are good cases If you like both go for the HAF... add extra fans... and a fan controller and still be under the price of the Sniper...
  4. I have already ordered HAF but it is out of stock, and depending on how long its going to be i could change my mind. I also keep hearing about 690 II. Is it considered better by any way?

    And i just Learned about Corsair 600GT which looks so cool?
  5. I recently got the Storm Sniper to replace my Antec P180B. The Sniper really has impressed me. It's cooling blows my P180 away, with CPU load under Prime95 a whole 5C lower at 4Ghz. There is tons of room inside for my crossfire'd HD5850's. The cable management is excellent and the fact that it has a fan control for the three big 200mm fans is a excellent feature. I have built plenty of computers in my day and tried at least 50 different cases in that time of varying sizes and prices and to date, the Storm Sniper is my favorite for the $$ (got mine for $89 shipped).
  6. the sniper is an overall better case. if you move your money elsewhere, better CPU, video card, etc., or just save it then CM 912 is a fine fall back. what does the CM 912+ go for?
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