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Dual Monitor setup Freezes then goes blank then comes back

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
August 4, 2010 6:02:18 PM

OK, so VERY strange problem with my computer...

First off, my main issue is that my monitors will on occasion just freeze up with nothing moving for 5 seconds or so, then go blank, Then after another 5 seconds, come back on. ATI's Catalyst Control Center says that there was a problem with the graphics card and I can send a report to them, which I do.

But after keeping the CCC up on my second monitor and watching it when it freezes, I see nothing that would support a reason to lock up. The temp. is at 62c and the activity is VERY low at about 14%.

I also added a CPU temp gauge to Rainmaker and monitor that as well, But something is off on that... It says the CPU is at the time of writing this, 7 degrees... I mean, my house it set at about 74 and it's warmer here... so I find it REALLLLLY hard to believe that it is cooling so well that it's colder then the air. So something is wrong there too...

I only seem to have this problem (Mostly but not always) when I am playing a game like Second Life or America's Army... Something using the graphics card alot.

I want to narrow this down the best I can and get this thing working right!

Comp info.

Radeon 4870 card with dual output to a 20 and 17 inch lcd
AMD Athlon 63 x2 Dual
5000+ Black Edition 2.61 GHz
3.25 ram but really 4 gigs (Stupid Windows)

Let me know if you need any more info.. I am fairly computer savvy but can't get this figure out..
August 6, 2010 5:05:04 AM

No one has any ideas?

On the plus side (For 5 minutes atleast) My CPU was registering a temperature of 25C today... but that was when the CPU was at about a 70% load. SO That's not good for the CPU to go through.