Dual Monitor setup Freezes then goes blank then comes back

OK, so VERY strange problem with my computer...

First off, my main issue is that my monitors will on occasion just freeze up with nothing moving for 5 seconds or so, then go blank, Then after another 5 seconds, come back on. ATI's Catalyst Control Center says that there was a problem with the graphics card and I can send a report to them, which I do.

But after keeping the CCC up on my second monitor and watching it when it freezes, I see nothing that would support a reason to lock up. The temp. is at 62c and the activity is VERY low at about 14%.

I also added a CPU temp gauge to Rainmaker and monitor that as well, But something is off on that... It says the CPU is at the time of writing this, 7 degrees... I mean, my house it set at about 74 and it's warmer here... so I find it REALLLLLY hard to believe that it is cooling so well that it's colder then the air. So something is wrong there too...

I only seem to have this problem (Mostly but not always) when I am playing a game like Second Life or America's Army... Something using the graphics card alot.

I want to narrow this down the best I can and get this thing working right!

Comp info.

Radeon 4870 card with dual output to a 20 and 17 inch lcd
AMD Athlon 63 x2 Dual
5000+ Black Edition 2.61 GHz
3.25 ram but really 4 gigs (Stupid Windows)

Let me know if you need any more info.. I am fairly computer savvy but can't get this figure out..
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  1. No one has any ideas?

    On the plus side (For 5 minutes atleast) My CPU was registering a temperature of 25C today... but that was when the CPU was at about a 70% load. SO That's not good for the CPU to go through.
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