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Stable E7500 p95 stress test temps

Well first off i want to know if overclocking your CPU with the Mobo manufacturer program to do so was safe. I have an Asus P5N-D board and the AI suite overclocking utility came on the install disk. I set it to overclock my CPU to 3.37 ghz but im curious if my temps are in a stable range.

I currently have a few programs that read temps such as CPUID HWMonitor, AI suite, PCII Probe( another tool from the Mobo disc) and CPUID PC Wizard.

When i run the p95 stress test on small fft's, overclocked to 3.37ghz from 2.93, with a decent coolermaster Heatsink and fan i get these numbers

HWMonitor: 49-50C
PC Wizard: 49-50C
AI suite: anywhere from 60C- 85C
PCII Probe: again anywhere from 55C - 90C

Could some of the sensors be wrong or are they using different sensors?
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    I use coretemp. Also do a quick reboot and check the bios under "hardware monitor". Not all programs are accurate with all boards.
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