Graphic card temparature 80

i bought hd ati rad 4350 yesterday...i saw the temparature was 73 to 80...isnt ok or i should do something to fix it??
can i add fan to my acer veriton 3900 vpro...
its look very pack inside my pc...hurm.....very worry :(
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  1. Is that load temperature or idle?
  2. while playing game it show 80...but normal using show 70....any suggestion from u?
  3. idle 70 is very high. check the card. provide better ventilation and to be on safe side take the cooler on the card off. apply thermal paste, put it back on and check.

    Its all about Cooling. better cooling means better life. on load your temps ok, on idle 70 is high. if oc'd, try underclocking.

    You should SERIOUSLY consider some cooling solutions.
  4. try underclocking??how to do it??sorry for asking many question...
  5. I dont think so that you overclocked your gpu.

    Just focus on ventilation, improne airflow inside your cassing.
  6. fetal i dont get it...any suggestion how to let the temp down??just now while im playing devil may cry4,its showed 93...
  7. Take the side panel off, clean all the fans and improve cable management
  8. i dont have fan for this graphic card...but manage the cable inside i will try is necessary to add fan into my acer veriton 3900 v pro???
  9. Oh I didn't realise the 4350 was passively cooled... And you have no fans in your case?

    I would suggest you get a new case, as the case you have now is no good for cooling.

    Here's my recommendation:

    I'd also recommend you get 2 more fans:
  10. Dude you will have to get creative if you plan to use it further. i don't own this pc, so i don't know how you will install any fans in it. but even one would make a load of difference.
  11. alrite i will work it out...thanks to all of u...
  12. No prob. Hope to see you Gaming again.
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