Gigabyte "super overclock" overheating?

Hello everyone! Firs let me tell you that im new here and this is my 1st thread. :)
Now let me get to my problem...
So like a month ago i bought my new Gigabyte 5870 that should be some kind of SO (it does not say, but it had the same shape and everything). So it runned good but the temps were kind of high... In idle around 47 and load 88-89° and the fan was at speed 85% in ccc. But i though it was becouse my bad airflow in my PC.
Ok so then today i got my new case HAF 932 and it is just awesome. 3 big fans :D. Ok but now i see that the temperatures hasnt changed alot. Ok at idle is now at around 44 and in load it goes to 83-84° and at 85% fan. If fan is at normal speed the temps go to 88 like before in my old case.
But how can this be possible? Are those temps OK? But i heard that other ppl dont have the SO and the temps are around 70max at load and with no water cooling... So could there be any problem with my card or anything else or are those temps ok. Also can you tell me is it safe to overclock this baby like it is made for? =)
Thank you all for the help, and sorry for my bad english :P
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  1. Well i didnt overclock it any time. I got it 850/1200 all the time. Some other guy told me that it could be some heatsink that is not good on the core, something like you said. But what can i do then =( Plus im getting some weird errors that display has stopped working and has recovered and also i got 1 BSOD :S
  2. Hocp reviewed this card. Basically got the temps your getting. 5850's run cooler, especially at stock clocks. Most 5870's reviewed hit 90c at full load.
  3. Thats really crazy. In some reviews they say its max 70 and in some like this one 87. Im confused... So my card is ok and is ok to OC it?
    Hay an offtopic question... Why am i getting error "your display has stopped working and has sucesfully recovered" like every time i try to play youtube or anything else???
    This started happening today when i changed my case and had everything installed again.
  4. I would not overclock it any further if you're already runningg those temps...
    *SOMETHING TO CONSIDER -- what is the room temperature you're playing in?
    it makes a HUGE difference whether your in an air conditioned/cool room (70 degrees F) or in a hot summer weather room (80-90 degrees F)
  5. Well the temps in my room are max 25°C. How about if i take the card to some service so they look if there is something wrong with the cooler? Because the card is 100% not working correctly, if you look at idle. People in this forum are asking of their 5870 are overheating when the temps reach 80- and in idle they have 32 o.O I can bake eggs on my card if you compare my to the other users.
  6. Well im from Slovenia. So here we dont have any gigabyte support that could try to fix the GPU. Well i can remember while i was playing Dead space the temps went only 55°C, but can we call this at load? because in Furmark it goes to 83
  7. Ok what about this... I use Hardware monitor for temps now. Used 3Dmark vantage for benchs and the max temp for GPU was 60°. Is this good? But this was not at full load right?
  8. Also when playing games that need graphics alot like Metro2033 and crysis, the temps go to max 60-65°. So is this normal because in Furmark it gets to around 83.
    So is this like playing games is not full load for the graphic card or what?
  9. Quote:
    80c is not hot for a gpu.even my 5850 occassionall hit 80 even 83c esciaplly while playing metro 2033.

    Ok i see that the problem is only in Furmark. I OCed to 900/1300 and in metro2033 i get max 67. So i would say your card is a bit hot? in metro you get 83?
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