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I need to change out the hard drive on my Fujitsu B3010D Lifebook. It is now 40Gb. What is the largest HDD this computer will support. It was originally available with either a 40Gb or 60Gb HD. Surely is will support a larger drive
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  1. you have to find out what interface your old hard drive is using...once you find out the interface you know which hard drives you can shop for...keep in mind to purchase the 2.5 inch ones and not the 3.5 inch as they are used in desktops
  2. It is IDE/PATA. That still doesn't give me a clue as to the size.
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    Well if it's any help, I've just seen an ad from a company selling upgrade parts for the LifeBook B3010D, and amongst those parts are two new IDE hard drives 120GB & 160GB capacity which seems quite plausible, although it doesn't say that's as high as you can go. But at least that's a step in the right direction as far as your question is concerned, so I hope it helps.

    The ad is from a US-based company if you want to see it for yourself:
    As you'll see, both drives are out of stock but it should still help you nevertheless.
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