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Hi, I'm Scott I'm new to Tom's Hardware Guide. I have been very curious for years overnhow CPUs work. How the achitecture and instruction set come together to form a CPU. I've seen genral guides on many things while browsing the forums but never a guide to how those two things come together to work. I tried reading the Sandybridge overview but that is really like speaking another language to me. So my general qustion is were is a good resource to learn all these terms and how everything works. Thanks for the responses.
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  1. This is a littel old but still valid:

    As for the architecture/instruction set relationship,; the architecture pretty much determines the internal speed and 'power' of the processor whereas the instruction set is dictated by the instruction decoder itself which is built into the processor itself. If you're looking for even more detailed info, look into booleon math and logic. Once you understand those you can look into how logic gates are used to create processors and then assembly, even on an 8080 processor, should complete the picture.
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