Torx T10 trouble

my warrantary recently expired on my 360 and my disc drive stopped reading, i opened it up and one of the long silver screws was stripped its a t10. How could i get it out, ive tried a power drill,toothpicks in the wedges, andtapping it with a mallet slightly. any ideas?
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  1. Use a hypodermic syringe and dispense a tiny drop of 'Liquid Wrench' available at automotive parts stores. Let it sit for about 15 minutes (follow directions). Then use a sharp 1/4" chisel and create a notch first. Then tap it out gently. Replace with a new Torx screw.

    On some drives, the screws can be gripped by the OD of the screw head. You will need special instrument repair tools; not automotive repair tools.

    I hope you are aware that you have to be in a class 1 clean room to do this type of work. Use clean room apparel too.
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