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I was about ready to order the CML174, but I seem to be in a new position that allows me to get something a bit better. I'm considering getting a Sony GDMF900W for home use, with the Hitachi as a lan display, but I'd rather go with a single solution that can meet all my needs. I'm primarly concerned with response time... I'm sure they all look nice, but do they ghost? It seems most 20+ inch LCDs have unlisted or slow (>25ms) response times. I've looked at the Viewsonic VP2290b\VP230mb, the Samsung 240u, and a 50 ms Sony 23 that seems a little too slow for consideration. Any suggestions or advice?
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  1. If you can afford it..... there is a 20.1" <A HREF="" target="_new">formac</A> . They supposedly guarantee that the color quality is as good as a CRT, and it has a DVI connector. As far as ghosting, you will have to buy one and make sure you can return it if you are not satisfied.

    There is also the <A HREF="" target="_new">sharp</A> which is 20". It uses 10 bit gamma correction so it displays enough colors for proffesional work, and it has a 25ms response time which sounds pretty ok.

    I would get both , and return whichever I didn't like :)

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