Can you install a graphics card on a laptop?

I'm planning to buy a new PC in the coming weeks, i plan to do some mild gaming like The sims and some strategy games and maybe a few mmo's (nothing crysis like). I'm leaning towards a laptop so im wondering if you can install a graphics card on them, since theirs not much room on them and if necesary exchange the power supply for 1 with more WATS if the card deams it necessary.
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  1. you cant upgrade the gpu on a laptop
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    jefe323 said:
    you cant upgrade the gpu on a laptop


    Howerver if you get a laptop made for gaming, it should run most games well, even if it's not a top of the line model. Just make sure you pick a laptop with descrete graphics (not some built-in Intel junk), and do a search for that card model to see how it stacks up.

    You won't be able to upgrade the video card, but a mid to high range one now will be good for several years.
  3. Well that sucks :(. I guess il buy a a mid range desktop for my gaming needs,and a cheap laptop for school work. Thanks for the help.
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