1366 Motherboard

Which 1366 motherboard for ~250$

Tell me your thoughts becouse i have seen all of those and can't decide :S

good ram recommends would be nice too :)
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  1. Corsair Dominators and G.Skill Ripjaws have been very popular lately - Rampage is worth the extra cash IMO (ive tried the ud3r - terrible board...) for support and ease of setup as well as performance (which is sort of a given)...
  2. Rampage III gene?
    -its not ATX
    -no usb 3.0 sata6gb/s
    what about P6X58d-e?

    actually OC is not important,
    but ram speed?
  3. R3E rampage 3 extreme
  4. ASUS P6X58D-E FTW
  5. Quote:
    Rampage III gene?
    -its not ATX
    -no usb 3.0 sata6gb/s
    what about P6X58d-e?

    actually OC is not important,
    but ram speed?
    You never said you wanted a full ATX Mobo. The Rampage III uATX does have both USB 3.0 & also SATA III (if not native). Please go through the specsheet. It's absolutely by far the best option at your price point. I should know. I'm using one myself.

    Now if you're not into OC'ing, (& even if you are) save some money & go with the ASUS Sabertooth X58. It really is the P6X58 at a lower price point. The only drawback IMO - It can't hold a candle to the ROG series boards in terms of looks.

    RAM - CORSAIR XMS3 6GB (3 x 2GB)
  6. Go ASUS, either way - they are much less finicky about ram and integrated controllers than some other boards (ud3r was a bitch).
  7. oke, ASUS Rampage III Gene, i have to put there GTX 275 and maybe SLI in future. But main problem will be: Zalman 9700LED wont fit probably?:P
  8. 2 things - You'll need this $9 Clip Support Kit to install the said Zalman cooler on 1366.

    Secondly - You won't need any aftermarket cooler if you don't OC. Even a small bump in the clock speed doesn't warrant an aftermarket cooler. Also, you have other cooling options at different price points.

    $30 - COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus

    $80 - Noctua NH-D14. For very high OC's, the later is very highly recommended. For reasonable OC's the the Hyper 212+ is all you'll need.

    Now for SLI, prolly the Sabertooth is a good idea, 'coz the Micro ATX by definition, is gonna run a bit on the hotter side, if the airflow is not adequate. What case do you have in mind?
  9. Case will be NZXT Tempest evo and i need to put zalman 9700 because i have that one already:D

    but now i'm looking for
    more expensive but much better than sabertooth / p6x?
  10. Cooler - The Zalman 9700 is alright, but you'll have to buy that $9 bracket I linked, to mount it on the 1366 socket.

    Case - Personally, I've no experience with NZXT, but I checked out the specs & they looked alright to me. Maybe somebody else who's used one of those can guide you better. However, it costs a whopping $120 incl. shipping. That's a whole lotta dough to shell out for a mid-tower though.

    So if you don't have that case already, for $10 extra (incl shipping), you might wanna look at $130 - COOLER MASTER HAF 932 ATX Full Tower

    Or, save some money & go with the Mid-Tower younger sibling - COOLER MASTER HAF 922 - $90 + $10 shipping.

    Now for the Mobo - The only reason to get the Rampage formula over the Sabertooth/Gene is if you want Tri-SLI. Otherwise, really, the killer looks notwithstanding, it doesn't make much sense to look beyond the Sabertooth. If you want your build to look bada$$, the Gene is a definite option.

    In any case, the Formula will downgrade 1600 Mhz RAM to 1333 without OC. The specs definitely are pretty good, but almost identical to the Sabertooth/Gene. It ain't worth the extra $100/$60 IMO. YMMV.
  11. Oke thanks, I'll get Gene :)
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