Phenom II x2 560 or Athlon II x4 640 for gaming?

I'll be using an AM2+ mobo for DDR2. I'm just wondering which of the two is better at gaming? Games like GTA IV,MMORPGs things like that. Thanks
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  1. Well my mobo is the m68m-s2p and yeah it support both. So it sounds like I should get the 640. If I upgrade the Mobo is it wise to OC the 640?
  2. :/ I'd play more demanding games than anything else. I've got the EAH4850 512mb so it can play.. most demanding games on high/very high but my Athlon 5200+ 2.7 is bottlenecking the performance
  3. i am currently using a phenom2 550, all i have to say is that the athlon2 x3 440/450 is better than both in terms of bang for buck.. and all 3 of my friends who have it unlocked it succesfully to an x4. if u change ur mboard later there is a high chance u r getting a x4 out of it.
  4. I agree with Greghome
  5. I also agree with greghome.The AM2+ Phenom II X4 940 BE is a great inexpensive powerful quad core CPU.I have one in one of my systems.Bang per buck it's one of the best right now for cost vs performance.
  6. Athlon Hands down. Will beat the Phenom in anything that uses more than 2 cores.
  7. I'll have to up the Athlon, the extra two cores will perform better in GTA IV, Bad Company 2... and will also be quicker in general computer, alt tabbing etc
  8. ct1615 said:

    a little research before you post goes a long way into the difference between actual facts and incorrect opinions.

    Apologies to the OP for giving false information. I have read that article before but must have misread those paragraphs or for some reason thought that in BC2 clock speed correlated to amount of cores... my mistake ;). Ct, can you find any other games that would benefit from having the Phenom over the Athlon? As the OP plays GTA IV, i still back the Athlon.,1402.html?prod[3015]=on&prod[2612]=on

    In GTA IV:
    Athlon II x4 630 - 53.70 fps
    Phenom II x2 550 - 41.00 fps
  9. Thanks guys!Looks like the phenom x2 is the better option? I will be playing GTA IV but not as much as most other games mentioned above so it looks like I'll go for that :) Thanks guys!
  10. I would say go for the athlon2 x3 440 which costs lesser and gives upto/better than the phenom2 x2
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