Workstation build 1500$ need advice


am an architect and i use 3max & vray a lot in my work
and im planing to get a new system

this is what im thinking

1. amd 1090 6 cores ..i went for the amd coz of its price and amd announced that the new bulldozer (8-16 cores) will work on the am3 socket,so im planning to get one of those in the future .,2420.html

according to the charts x6 1090 275$ is the best choice

2.mobo asus crosshair 4 (what do you think about it )

3. 8gb of ram 2x4gb 1600 to leave slots for future upgrade ( ocz or patriot)

4. ati fire pro 5800 its i went for the ati over nvidia coz of is high prices compared to its performance (according to the charts of toms hardware),127.html

the 5800 is not included in the charts its he same as 5700 with 1gb instead 512

and i will use 2 hard-drives with raid 0 and may be will get a SSD drive later when prices drop down

my question is

1. what do you thinks about the build and what could i do to improve it my budget is 1500$ just the case
2.will the mobo support 16gb later and what do you think of the mobo
3.what PSU wattage i need
4. water cooling or air cooling and what brands???

by the way im from iraq so hardware here is more expensive than prices on amazon or ebay


BUDGET RANGE: (e.g.: 600-800) 1300-1500

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT:3dmax rendering and modeling ,auto cad and some photoshop work

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: its costly for me to get from online stores only if i cant buy it on the market coz im in iraq

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: iraq baghdad




thanks for you help
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  1. I see your in a different country so prices are probably higher, but check my workstation out at:

    I already have the O/S and HDD's so keep that in mind..
  2. where are the builders ????
  3. hi mohammed,

    i build a similar pc 1 month ago, but i got some issues whit the graphics card *ati fire pro v7800* read this post before decide to buy ati cards. i couldnt resolve my issues jet.

    any ideas...are welcome.....anyway if you decide to build your configuration pls let me now your graphics performance results... thanks
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