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I have a Sapphire Vapor-x 5750 OC'd to 970/1350. If I was to find a cheap 5770 to crossfire with it would the clock speeds have to be the same or can I run my 5770 at a faster speed than the 5750? Also, am I correct in assuming the extra 80 stream processors will be wasted?
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  1. both cards would run at the lower speed
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    Everything will scale down to the lowest common denominator.

    That means your HD 5770 will "act like" another HD 5750 that's being XFired.
  3. Okay thanks, that's what I figured. I got my Vapor-X for like $120 with shipping Open Box, and I wouldn't pay full price for another Vapor-X. They're nice but probably not worth it. My main concern is that if I get another 5750 it won't be able to match the speeds of my current card. I should be able to get an open box 5770 for around 120-130 that can match it. Then maybe in the future I can sell the 5750 and get another 5770 then OC the crap out of those.
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