What is ruining my external hard drive chord?

Before I go into detail, it IS the chord, not the External hard drive.

So over time my hard drive stops powering up or randomely stops working. I have a lot of my Sims 3 games files on my hard drive, so when I play I plug the hard drive into the computer and play. However, over time I found that my hard drive would stop working. Eventually it wouldn't work period. We took it to Staples and the guy tried it with another short chord, and it worked perfectly so that suggests that for some reason in between when i start playing the sims 3 and when the hard drive stops working all together, something is completely ruining my chord. This hard drive is from an old computer and in one of those shell casings that Staples sells. They put the hard drive in the casing, we didn't do it ourselves. Any ideas as to whats going on and how this can be fixed? Please, no rude answers.
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  1. What type of chord is it? Could the metal contact on the chord be bent? I had a similar problem with my external hard drive and that seemed to be the problem. Take a piece of electrical tape and prop it up, see if that temporarily fixes the problem. If it does, either keep the tape there, or buy a new chord.

    Hope this helps.
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