I recently bought an AGP grapgic card known as the HD3650. I installed it along with a 430 watt power supply everything went great works great except 2 things.

I have all system requirement to play the card thats not the problem.

1. No damn blue ray dvds will work even using power dvd 10.(I want it to work on my cpu, not my tv)

Hopefully someone knows whats wrong?

2. I dont understand the 2560 by 1600 resolution(is that just meaning that's what hd plays on and blue ray, if so i understand), it only does 1280 x 960 for desk top purposes 1280x 1024 games, and when I try to make the resolution higher it goes all weird and vertical on me.
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  1. And oh yeah my freaking 1080p play back is freaking choppy. How come this card isnt what they say it is. I mean its better then my previous geforce 440mx. I take it no one has any answers
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  3. What about games? already tried some games?
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