RivaTuner how to monitor temps

Hey so i went and downloaded rivatuner but i can not seem to find any option to monitor gfx temps?
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  1. weird i have the latest version i downloaded from guru but that option is not there instead of that option in your ss it says reload driver. also when i start rivatuner i get this unsupported driver deteced.

    Warning! RivaTuner has not been tested with the currently installed display driver.
    it is strongly recommended to upgrade rivatuner to a new version, otherwise it may not work properly because the driver is not officially supported.
  2. What cards are you trying to monitor? That message pops up every time the driver gets updated because Rivatuner has not been updated for quite some time so if it does not recognise your cards then try MSI's Afterburner as it's written by the same guy but he gets paid for that one so it's more likely to support the newer cards.
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