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I made two mistakes on my new build. First, I set the voltage in Bios on my Phenom ii x6 1055T to 1.45, which I guess was a bit high. As a result, when I ran Prime95 within about 3 minutes my CPU temp was recorded at 72C. Since then Ive turned everything down, and it seems to be working fine, but I'm worried that I may have done permanent damage. This is my first build so i don't know what to expect. Can anyone confirm if I need to be worried about this?
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  1. Why did you need to mess with voltages? I'm pretture sure Bios has auto-settings for it and handles. I really doubt 72C would have damaged it but I wouldn't go that high on a CPU ever.
  2. I doubt there's any permanent damage considering it was only for a short period of time. There's been people who've run it hotter than that for longer periods of time without doing damage. Also, Prime95 pushes your CPU to the absolute max. Even when gaming, the CPU isn't pushed that far. I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. Just like the others stated above, your CPU is fine.
    If you're not OCing at all then let the VCore is set to auto. Even for OCing, 1.45V is already high...
  4. Don't forget that 71c is max case tamp(heat speader temp) not max core temp. Your running warm, but not really dangerous, I would try to keep it under 70c though.
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