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I've never built a computer with SLI before. Do you hook up both cards when you install Windows 7 or should I install windows 7 with 1 card and then add the second when everything is up and running?

New build specs:

i7 930
evga x58 sli3
crucial ballistix ddr3 1600 cas8 3x2gb
antec 1200
nexus rx-8500 850w psu
Msi cyclone n460gtx-1gd5oc (2)
sammy spinpoint f3 1tb
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    It may depend on whether you xfire or SLI. Some tips/info in this article:,2678.html

    If nVidia, essentially you can do it either way. Sometimes, though, its just easier to get the build running in "simple" mode, then move to SLI. I'd go that route because I like "one step at a time".
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