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I have a Lenovo SL510 running Windows 7 with a Mobile Intel 4 Series Express chipset (unfortunatly)

It has an analog and an HDMI output built in. My hope is to attach a VGA display and a DVI display (using a DVI to HDMI cable) and still use the onboard display for the laptop (total of 3 displays)

the two external displays are SD 4:3 screens, so I don't think max resolution is my issue...

What happens is, when I activate the third display, the second one goes out... It only allows me to use 2 displays at a time. I saw somewhere that this may be an intel limitation... Any way around this without having to shell out for a hardware solution (80 bucks or so)

Thank you,
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  1. Some desktop video cards are like this- they have 3 or more different output connectors but you can only use 2 at a time.
  2. Wescrock is talking about a laptop...

    This is a common questions on here... and the answer is you cannot use more than 2 displays. The same thing happens to everyone who tries it, when u activate a 3rd, u lose ur laptop monitor.
    This just a limitation of almost everything. You're laptop doesnt even have a real video card... just integrated motherboard video. Even my Asus with a GTX260m cannot do it.

    To my knowledge, the only laptop that can do this is one with the ATI 5870. There are only 2 i know of... the Asus g73jh and some top end Dell i beleive.
    The only way you are going to do this is to buy one of those laptops.
  3. For more then 2 monitors you need eyefinity, otherwise you can only use 2.
  4. i heard that many of the new laptops come with eyefinity? ATI 5870 and 5850? im thinking of doing the same, and i know a few laptops with these cards, but i dont know if they all run eyefinity and if they do can we guarantee it will definatly run triple displays?!
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