Please, help to build a gaming desktop around $600

Estimate purchase day: ASAP(this week). I do play games sometimes, but usually I watch HD TV shows such as, 720P, hopefully 1080P, I will buy a 22'' or 23'' monitor from somewhere else. I already have Windows7 untimate 64 lisence key, so I dont need a operation system. I have some experience to build a desktop. I also need it to have WiFi and a CD driver can burner DVDs. I do not know how to do the over clocking thing so I won't do it. The hard drive has to be at least 500gb, the memory has to be at least 4gb.
I saw a deal on eaby that came up with i7 870 Quad core. but I dont think it will fit in the amount of money or my need. Hopefully, I could use i5 quad core or a Phenom II quad core.
Also, can anyone give me some tips on choosing the monitor for the built.
Please put emphasis on graphic card and processor. I wish I could use this desktop to play games in the next few years without lag or maybe a little.
please choose for reference because them dont charge sale tax in California. If you choose, please includes tax.

The combo will be the best because I dont have to spend time to search the deal.Please tell me anything I should notice in the stallation.
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    Here is a build from newegg...
    X4 945 + HIS HD 5770

    ASUS 870 + Mushkin Silverline 4GB DDR3

    Antec 300 + Lite-On DVD

    OCZ Fatality 550W + Samsung F3 500GB

    Total - ~$591 | $561 Including rebates, but not including taxes though...
    This can play most of the current games even @1080p without any issues...
  2. thanks a lot, I went to Frys today, they did the calculation for me and suggest me to buy it from newegg. Is the motherboard firecorss ready? Also I will need a Wireless N PCI card. I checked the internet. There are two kinds, one is with two antennas, another one is a mini verion N card. Which one should I go? Also could you help me choose a decent speaker? Both are not include in the budget. By the way, do I need a sound card for this?
  3. ^ Will you be going with more than 1 graphic card, then only you would need Crossfire(not firecross)

    This is also a good mobo with Crossfire...
  4. As for the speakers, what price range and configuration are you lookng for ? 2.1 or 5.1 ?
    Wireless adapter -
  5. dude, you are awesome.
    For tihs one: [...] 6813157198
    does it has combo with memory?

    The wireless card is exactly what I need. thanks

    I think I can deal with speaker later on.
    Now I am trying to decided a monitor,
    Is this one good, it comes with 3 year warranty, 23'' screen and with built in speakers. I know built in speakers suck. Do you have better suggestion on monitor? I am looking for 22'' to 23'' thanks.

    By the way someone posted this:

    Is this a good built?
  6. *Cough* Looks the kind of work i am very familiar with *cough* The theme of that build was o cos to cut the bs and hit best frames/$$
  7. ^ Lolz its his alright...
    If you wont overclock, then I would rather suggest the 945 with a better mobo something like the 870 or 880 chipsets...
  8. Thanks To all your guys, I am on the last step before I order. As for the motherboard, I am looking forward to 890gx because it comes with 3 years warranty. I think I forgot to put on the link for the monitor.
  9. Thanks guys, I did the calculation by myself, including the wireless card, sub-total is $622, ship to my area CA91755, the tax is really pain in my a** ($61). Could some one translate the list into ? Because they dont charge tax in CA.
  10. Well w/e vendor u gowith an 890GX would add up more to costs and if u dun need IGP/CF and/or USB/SATA 3.0 i would make a juicy GPU priority
  11. ^ Like he said, unless until you need Crossfire, the 890GX is not a good choice...
    Rather get the 870 or the 880G(if you need even onboard graphics) chipset if you no plans for Crossfire...
  12. ok. guys I will still go with the 890gx because it's only extra $20(after mail in rebate) than the one you gave me at first. Lets just say it is a future investment. I just saw this kind of good combo:

    this combo improves everthing for only extra $20.(better processor, memory, mobo, and HDD. But this is good for overclocking on tight budget but not for me, right?

    I think I will stick with old plans.

    By the way, I just bought the monitor, I think its a good deal. Check it out:
    Item +shipping=153. Factory sealed, brand new, 3 year warranty and 2ms Response Time. I wont get this kind of deal on newegg. Best thing is no tax. God, I hate tax. I bet most of you dont live in those taxed states.

    Ok, if everthing is alright, I am going to place the order.
  13. sweet, I have already bought it. Thanks to all of you.
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  15. ^ Good Luck...
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