[Help] Need to Set my HDD as main hard drive.

Hey all,

I recently just built my new computer, everything is doing well! My only problem is i want to boot my computer from my SSD as oppose to my HDD but i want my HDD to have all the files that i am going to download into the future on it. How would i go about setting my HDD as my primary drive as opposed to my SSD. I changed the setting in my browser (firefox) to send all downloads over to my HDD but I just want to make sure thats the correct way.

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    Some users go as far as to change registry entries to make the default program files folder on the hard drive as well. That would be your call.

    Note, I have not used this method

    I would for sure either use the location tab(under your libraries) for desktop/documents ect to move those to the hard drive.

    Or you can do a full out Junction method that will make ALL data from the Users folder do to the hard drive. This is for more advanced or users who are willing to take it slow. Your call again, not 100% needed.
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