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Haf x Vs. Df-85

I am trying to decide which is the better of the two. I like the looks of both but really cannot decide. Does anyone have experience with these two cases? What are your thoughts? Thanks!
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  1. Here is how I look at it...

    DF-85 > HAF 932 or HAF 922

    HAF X > DF-85

    I've seen a few post were some of the "vets" here talk about building with both the HAF 932, Antec 1200 & Antec DF-85 and in the end the DF-850 is the more recommended case.
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    HAF X is better of the two... bigger fans... bottom vents... GPU air duct... more expansion slots... 2.5cm more length for GPU cards...

    Antec has additional drive bay... weighs lighter...
  3. Both seem to tick many boxes, the HAF looks way better in my humble opinion. :D
  4. I think I will stick with the Haf-x. Thanks!
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