Pro's and Con's of the 2

I hear so much on NVIDIA and ATI.

I know ATI for having cheap prices and the strongest cards out for a good price.

I know that Nvidia has a wide range of cards to pick from, including the new series that just came out. ( GTX4** )

I always hear these 2 going back and at it on cards. Persently im a Nvidia follower. I had so many problems with ATI in the past, even there logo that they put on games ( NVIDIA, the way its ment to be played ). I never see any kind of stuff like that from ATI. I see eye infinity but yeah.

Correct me if im wrong but didn't SLI come out first then ATI got the great idea to come out with the Crossfire? Thats like Version stealing the idea of apps from ATT and calling them gadgets. Same thing with windows and mac.

So i would like to hear your side of the story, who do you really think is on top and why?
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  1. technically, NV didn't have multi-gpu setups first

    i know that 3dfx beat them (with the voodoos) back in 1998
    Scan-Line Interleave

    and really Crossfire wasn't that far behind SLI (about a year and change)

    personally i don't see either of them as on top, just slightly different price points with slightly different features (more tesselation performance, 3-6 eyefinity on a single card...)

    and i wouldn't say that NV has a wide range of cards to pick from as the older cards tend to be dated and too expensive for the performance ($200 GTX260?) which leaves for mid-high end GTX460, GTX465(does this even count with the 460 out now), GTX470, GTX480
  2. 3dfx had multi-gpu support about 7 years before nvidia
  3. Doesn't SLI stand for System link interface? I'm going off the top of my head on this one.

    The GTX 465 is a lame excuse for money.

    Also isn't voodoo ran by HP?
  4. Scalable Link Interface
    The name SLI was first used by 3dfx under the full name Scan-Line Interleave, which was introduced to the consumer market in 1998 and used in the Voodoo2 line of video cards. After buying out 3dfx, NVIDIA acquired the technology but did not use it. NVIDIA later reintroduced the SLI name in 2004 and intended for it to be used in modern computer systems based on the PCI Express (PCIe) bus. However, the technology behind the name SLI has changed dramatically.
  5. bravo95 said:
    Also isn't voodoo ran by HP?

    you are thinking about VoodooPC (which was bought by HP), we are talking about 3dfx's Voodoo graphics cards (yes, they are different)
  6. I hear you say you are a nvidia fan so...

    Stay where you are and buy a current gfx card. Both companies offer quality cards and we win because it keeps the price decent for everything but the cutting edge. (however long that lasts!)

    We are on top because there is healthy competition.
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