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Hello, I recently upgraded my computer from sli'd 260's to sli'd 1gb superclocked evga 460's. Before I installed the new cards I installed windows 7 64 bit (had vista 64 bit). So my computer is as clean as it can be. Installed the latest and only vga drivers, and all the other necessary drivers along with windows update. Updated my BIOS to the latest version on my Asrock X58 deluxe. Running a intel core i7 920 at stock speed 2.67 ghz along with a 750 watt psu and 6gb high performance ram. Now after getting everything to my knowledge updated and engaged including the sli enable in nvidia settings... I am getting virtually the same fps as my sli'd 260's, when I know I should be getting more. After browsing many benchmarks I expected a pretty decent boost considering several of the benchmarks I viewed were from systems almost identical to mine. I do not overclock and really do not like to unless I absolutely have to. I queried several forums including this one pertaining to a possible bottleneck being created when introducing a i7 920 to sli'd 460s and or a 750 PSU being combined etc. etc. everytime I was told or came to the conclusion based on others opinions that It would be fine and should be a "nice" boost".

Perhaps I have not tested it enough but the first game I have installed and only game for that matter is Mafia 2. The benchmark utility on it is giving me atrocious results, worse than what I see in game. average fps for the first min or two hovering around 28-30. My in game settings are maxed, I run at 1680x1050 and full AA and AF, combined with physx I know it is taxing but my 260's put up similar fps. I have either run into a bad bottleneck, or have installed something wrong or not enabled a setting somewhere but any ideas or thoughts would be helpful. Perhaps everyone I consulted on this upgrade was wrong, but getting a 3-4 fps diff between enabling sli and disabling it with sli 460's an i7 and a 6gb of mem doesn't seem right to me...
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  1. Here is a interesting statement
    Problems with benchmark!
    Maybe you need to test more games.
  2. I installed kane and lynch 2, I know its not near mafia 2 in terms of grahics but it runs like butter, 60+ fps in huge shootouts... maybe theres some hope left. Maybe its drivers... Thanks for pointing that out though I saw that myself and wondered. Have a feeling next nvidia driver will be all about mafia 2.
  3. Tested some other games, apparently the benchmark in Mafia 2 is a little screwy for me. Other games work perfectly so I guess this is solved.
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