Hard drive from old build, to new build

so this may be a stupid question, but i will really, really appreciate an answer from someone with much more experience with computer building then me.

my build now is a dinky gateway that i bought 5 years ago, so im buying all new parts (except a Harddrive)

on my new build none of the parts/hardware will be the same (except the monitors, and mouse/keyboard(which probably dont matter lol))

will i be able to take this hard drive with all my data on it, and put it in the new build without having to reformat.

ive read some other forums, some people say nothing will happen it will work fine.

others (more commonly) say that it will be horrible and potentially "kill" the new build.

i just wanted to make my own post so im getting the answers directly, and can confirm that it is/is'nt going to work and wont/will destroy my new build.

thank you for you're time and answers!

-windows 7 64bit

(i just made an account so i could post this, im not a troll, and you're answers are very, very appreciated)
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    I'm not sure what you question is. If you're asking whether you can reuse the hard drive (1TB SATA) in the new build, the answer is yes you can. But if you're asking whether you can reuse the hard drive with the existing Windows 7 OS inside, the answer is no it probably won't work in my opinion and experience. The good news is that it won't "kill" the new build so you can just format the drive and install the OS after you backed up all of your data of course.

    Edit: Just to make myself clear I meant to say that you won't be able to boot from your hard drive without formatting the drive first.
  2. ok, sorry about that ill fix that so my question (what you answered) is actually asked haha, well thank you sir, or madam, that certainly answered me and i appreciate it very much!
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  4. You're welcome and good luck with your new build!
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