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I upgraded the original graphics card back in 2006 to a nVida Geforce 6600 256MB (AGP) which was a straight swap and worked pefectly until today when it died. Fan siezed. Re-istated the original to get me going (thank goodness for hoarding), but now looking for a recommendation on a new replacement. Can anyone help ?

Nothing too elaborate as long as it's fully compatible without further upgrade and will run typical games an 11 year old uses. Only other spec udgrade from new is 1GB memory.
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  1. AGP card, right?
    The fastest AGP card is HD4670 AGP version, it's very expensive...

    Anyway, it's still bottleneck by your CPU, so HD3650 AGP version maybe the right card for you:
  2. Thanks for the advice, as a non-gaming novice I was starting to get a bit baffled by all the cards available but avoiding a PSU upgrade. Read some of the reviews which are mixed, with a few horror stories, but overall seem to suggest this is a good choice. So I give it a go and see how I get on, my last upgrade couldn't be simplier (plug & play) this one seems like it may be a bit more invovled with ensuring latest drivers but hopefully straight forward !.

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