Need Some Expert Advice Buying GPU

i bought the HP Pavilion Media Center m8400f Desktop PC in feb of 2008 for only $450 (A Steal At the Time)
now its handle everything ive wanted it to do since ive purchased it mostly light gaming and just watching medie
not reall hard on gaming because i own both a ps3 and xbox 360 so i purchase all my games for consoles to play online
but recently been wantin to upgrade to 64bit so i did and i upgraded my 3gb of ramm to 8gb of patriot pc2-6400

now yesterday i bought StarCraft2 (really only play blizzard games on my pc) and when i started the campaign the cut-scenes were totally screwed up beyond watchable and i know its my geforce 8500 GT

so i want to buy a new graphics card today but would like some advice before buying

now i have a 400 watt power supply and dont think size is going to be a problem since there nothing below the gpu for like 3 slots and plenty of apace length wise i can fit a whole ruler 12 ruler in there and still have space

so i only want to spend $100-$200 on card and dont want to replace my psu since i plan on doing my first whole build come christmas time and we'll be giving this pc to my wife since only thing she does is get on the internet and play sims games

so what do you suggest forums? :bounce:
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    Nvidia 9800GT, budget card ($50 after the rebate)

    top card for a 400w PSU, the ATI 5770.

    either one will run SC2 fine. at 1440x900 the 9800GT is fine. any higher resolution go with the ATI 5770.
  2. well ive changed my mind and am thinking about buy a gigebyte 1gb gtx460 and ocz pro 600w 80+ psu because i already was planning on spending like $200 on the best card i could get so newegg has this

    and i think the $69.99 increase (only 49.99 after redate) isnt too bad considering the performance increase i'll get over my current 8500 gt is leaps and bounds also im kinda a nvidia fan when it comes to gpu's have just always owned nvidia and have never had a problem
  3. its a good card, i have the GTx 460 myself
  4. yeah its the card ive been looking at for a while and was think if i got one now once i build my gaming pc come chrismas was think about get another one and trying them out in sli since like i said im not a huge pc gamer just want WOW, starcraft2 and later daiblo 3 to run at there highest setting

    so any brand thats better then the other that gigebyte was been getting good reviews also says it comes with 2oz Copper PCB with overclocked at 715MHz which im not sure what the 2oz copper is refering to
  5. i have the MSI cyclone and like it a lot, its currently out of stock on newegg. they are all pretty much the same.
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  7. ok then i still think im going to go with the gigabyte because its the best combo they have.
    im going to go place my order on newegg and start the waiting game.
    thx for all your help Ct you made this alot easier.
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