CPU noise??

Before i ask my question i would like tell me PC info:
At the time when i bought it:
I bought my form intex technologies its only in India.At the time i bought it the SMPS fan was making some noise i.e. it is rotating at a high speed.
1 year has passed now from few weeks before i am getting a bad noise :fou: from that fan when i move the power cable or press it then the voice reduces as it was before(fan still rotates at high speed).But that rude noise stops till night but next morning it starts again.

Plz tell me how do i get rid of it.Do i need to lower them temp from my bios.
OR i need to open my SMPS and clean it.
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  1. Yes, you can try to de-attached it and make sure it clean from dust.
    It could be that your cpu cooler is loose or something/bad, if that so, you can buy an aftermarket cooler for your CPU...
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