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Hi, I just traded some stuff in for an 8800GT to go with the other one I have. I wanted it to run windows with three screens which its doing without problems. I am now looking at some charts that say sli'd 8800GT's give really good results so I'm trying to get hold of the sli bridge off a mate but there are a couple of problems.

The new and second hand card is idling at 92 centigrade which i'm pretty sure is way way over the proper limit given that my other 8800GT idles at around 50. the older one does have a massive heatsink and the newer one uses a small heatsink with a built in fan. is it possible that the later generation of the same design was just built to work at higher temperatures? or did someone deliberately trade it to get rid of a card that was inevitably going to break soon?

the other problem is that the cards are different brands. I've done a bit of research and there seems to be mixed opinions about whether the sli will work with different brand cards. the way i see it is that i've got nothing to lose so sod it, right? my power supply is 750w which i've been told should be enough?

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  1. What condition is the heatsink in? Meaning did you clean it really well before you put it in? A dirty/dusty heatsink will cause high temps. Not sure it will cause 92c idle temps, so you might want to make sure the fan is spinning.
  2. SLi will work with different brands so no worries there but if the second card that you've got is buggered then there is no point, I'm assuming that you've made sure it's not a GTS or GTX?
  3. My Palit 8800GT 512MB was designed with a single slot cooler and a small fan.
    I was getting 65C at idle (low fan speed, ~30%) and 85-90C in games (moderate to high fan speed 70% to 100%, which was also very loud).
    Under Furmark it would go as high as 98-101C.
    It ran like that for more than 2 years, with no problems.

    Unmounting and cleaning the cooler and applying Arctic Silver 5 had no effect at all regarding the temperatures.

    I have recently bought an aftermarket cooler (Arctic Cooling, but I don't remember the model) for about $20; and I can tell you that it has made a big difference: 45-50C idle with silent operation, and 58-65C under load with very little noise (less than the Intel stock CPU cooler).
    The only downside (not for me, but for you) is that this new cooler takes more than 2 slots in the case.

    Try at first to clean and resit the current cooler. If that doesn't work go for an aftermarket cooler

    Note: All temperatures were read with HWMonitor.
  4. Thanks for all of this advice guys - I'll get on the cleaning straight away i reckon and get back with any results.
  5. Hi, again.

    This is the cooler I was talking about: Accelero L2 Pro (
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