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While gaming my computer will shut down after so long( right now about 10 mins). Black screen with audio for a few seconds then locks up. Im using a nvidia gts 250 1g which i've read has a problem with overheating. My psu is a brand new corsair650 with a 52a 12v so im pretty sure its not that. GPU temps don't get above 65c before the shutdown and goes down at various temps, sometimes in the high 50s. Is there a way to override the gpu shutdown temp to test if the overheating is the culprit here?
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  1. I know its some type of heat problem because if I put my desktop fan on my computer I can keep my games running without shutdowns. Also I have proper air flow in my case, happens even when the case is open, on its side, everything.
  2. Hello make sure your cables are neatly routed inside the case and out of the way of air flow as much as possible. Plus make sure your case fans are pushing plenty of air . And make sure you have an intake fan as well as an exuast. And also dont have anything to close to your graphics card if possible in a pci slot such as modems sound cards etc it blocks airflow. And also make sure your case is dust free . Good luck
  3. Try your card in different PC, see if the same problem appears or not...
    What kind of GTS250? is it single slot card?
  4. did u check your cpu temp.......also check if u r infected by malware.....
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