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Hello, my story goes back a long way, and is a little tiresome, but I am desperate for some help here... I have a TouchSmart IQ500 Pc. I love the wireless connection I USED to get with it. My father decided to switch the operating system to Windows 7 Premium (64 bit). Now nothing works! I can’t hook into the wireless router at home without a Cisco air card. I try to and my computer will ask me for the Network Security Key. I give the key to my computer, yet it refuses to accept it. And yes, I am absolutely sure it is the correct key. But the second I plug in the USB air card, it auto connects! Can anyone tell me if it’s my drivers, or if the key is something from my computer, or what?
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  1. I think you need to download the manual for the wireless router and read it -- you're clearly missing something (or I am). What's wrong with using the Cisco card ? Has your computer already got a wireless adapter. Your post is pretty confusing.
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