New build storage advice please

Building i73770K
Asus P8Z77-V Pro
Mainly to be used for audio editing with Adobe Audition, maybe video too at some point.
Planning to use SSD for OS and some programs and HDD for data storage.
Is there an advantage to using two 240G SSDs vs one larger one?
Thanks for your thoughts.
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  1. Maybe to RAID1 for added security.

    But otherwise no, better off with the single larger SSD.
  2. Save the money for the second ssd and invest on an additional hdd for backup. :)
  3. So just to be sure, is there no advantage to using separate SSDs, one for OS and one for programs and/or data?
  4. Theres no advantage using an SSD to hold your data.

    One SSD to hold the OS and any programs (240GB is more than enough for that), then a HDD for mass storage like movies, music and documents.
  5. Thanks!
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