Screen scrolling after computer start up.

So earlier today I turned off my computer as I went to the airport to pick up some family. I came home and attempted to start up my computer and after it got done with the "Windows loading" part with the loading bar, the screen goes black and the power light on my monitor goes from green to flashing orange.

I restarted a few times, same problem. I switched my video card to my other PCI-E slot and my computer booted up but it was on 640 x 480, I went to change it to my native resolution (1680 x 1050) and it restarts and I have the problem all over again.

I switch it back to my original PCI-E slot, it all boots up but now I have an issue where if I am at 1680 x 1050 I don't see all of my screen, only like 75% of it. the only way to see the whole screen is I have to drop my resolution down to 1440 x 900.

Specs are...

Windows XP
ATi HD 4670
AMD X2 245
Monitor: LCM-22w3
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  1. Re-install the driver for your HD4670, make sure you have the right driver...
    Download the latest driver from ATI site:
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