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with a fresh install of win8 on a 128gb ssd. i want to limit the use of the drive to the OS only. and use my second ssd for apps and progs. I have a 2TB drive for pix and vids to solve the bulk issue, but I really would like the OS drive to stay nearly empty.

Any suggestions?
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  1. whats the point of this post you spelt out what you need to do the only thing i can think of is change the default locations of my docs/music/video/etc to 1 of the other drives
  2. Yes relocating the default locations of the doc, vids, and pix directories will solve 10% of the clutter issue, however new programs and apps will be loaded to the space limited C drive. Thankfully has a page on "How to relocate user profiles to another partition or disk in windows 8." That has done the trick. Along with some regedit changes to redirect the win install and save locations.
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