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So my Asus 23.4" HDMI monitor came in and I am having a problem with getting it to stay full screen. What I mean is there is about a half an inch of just black screen around it. To get it to go full screen all it takes is for me to go into CCC and just simply click ok.. every single time I turn on my computer. I just want it to stay lol I have tried messing with settings and such, but nothing is stopping it.
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  1. u sure its not damaged?
  2. As far as I can tell, no, its not. That is the only problem I have had. Everything else works perfect.
  3. Its been a long time since i've had a similar problem so bare with me as I struggle to remember the details.

    The problem is based off of the fact that some newer monitors have a default option that will display whatever resolution that is sent to it without distorting the image. For example, if the native resolution of the monitor is is 2000 x 1000 and you send it a 1500 x 500 image, it will display a 250 px black ring around the entire image.

    i would recommend adjusting the resolution to the native resolution of the monitor or at least a resolution that has the same aspect ratio of the monitor.

    That is the monitor. It says the recommended resolution is 1920 X1080 which is what I have it set to. Is that the native resolution?
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