Is the ASUS Rampage III Extream the best motherboard to use

I starting building computers back in the mid 1970 Z7800 so to build this new system I will need some help. I have a list of hard wear could use some help to know if what I pick out will work well together. My Full tower case is the Thermaltake Spedo MB ASUS Rampage III Extreme CPU Intel i7 920. RAM Corsair i7 Dominator 6GB PC 12800 DDR3 RAM Tri-Channel. Video Cards 2X ATI XFX Radeon 5870's. PSU Ultra 1600 Watt. 2X Intel X25M Mainstream SSD 80 GB. OS Windows 7 Ult. 64 Bit. Western Digital WD2002FYPS RE4-GP HD 2TB 64MD SATA 3G... Is there any piece that you would change & why . Thanks for the help Coach Jones Washington Redskins 1993'-2001'
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  1. Not much room for change when you pick from the top of each list. Also, it's hard to suggest changes to adapt to the PC to a purpose when no purpose is given.

    I guess I'd advise against a 19" monitor.
  2. I do not think going with a i7920 is top of the line. Going with top of the line Motherboard but, that is the heart of your system. The CPU can be upgraded later when the i7980X comes down in price.. I have a 27" HP2709 1080P Monitor
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