Hp d530 CMT usb hdd problems

Hi, I have HP d530 CMT with win7 Ultimate sp1 .
First time i instaled win7 2weaks ago and got new Touro Mobile 3.0 500GB hdd it whas working fine and after a weak i needed to reinstal the windows and after theat it started to dount reconize any of usb hdd i serched all the internet about the soliution finded some theds whit same problems bot no normal soliutions after theat i instaled xp win and it didint reconaiz it to afther theat i thot to go back to win7 tried to uninstal divaice ,no updates fount then updated the bios,chipset no help.But on me laptop all usb hdd work just fine.
meiby i mised something can somone help.
P.S. Thanks in advace and sory for the low english.
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  1. Sometimes with external drives, Windows fails to assign a drive letter to it, which means Windows Explorer cannot see it. A different PC or laptop might assign a drive letter to it without any problem, so the drive works okay on that machine.
    When drive letter assignment is causing the problem, you can assign a drive letter manually like this:

    Plug the drive into your HP PC, then go to:
    Control Panel > Admin Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management
    In the bottom-right panel, find the bar which relates to your external hard drive.
    Right-click that bar and select "Change Drive Letter & Paths".
    Click "Add".
    Choose a letter.
    Click 'OK'.
  2. the windows dount see me hhd anyware ven i uninstal drivers and plug them up thei cant normaly be instaled sugesting to update win i alredy updated to the max no help in the divice maneger thei showing in yelow thei did not instal full.and about the lother there ar no hdd to add lether in there are only me dvd and c hdd system.
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