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5.1 PC Speakers .... < 400$

Initially I was looking for surround sound in 2.1 however then I thought it will be better to think future a little bit and go for actual 5.1 speakers. I hv expanded my budget a bit as well.

1. I am looking for 5.1 computer speakers (and not home theater).

2. I was looking for some wireless models also but found that they are not truly wireless and their rear speakers need the power outlet. What I am looking is truly wireless where subwoofer can hv power outlet or the max desktop satellites can be wired too, but absolutely no wires with the rear one
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    Completely wireless rear speakers?

    To my knowledge they don't exist, and even if they did the quality would be terrible and they would be outside your budget.

    Plus - you'd either spend a fortune on batteries to power them or would be forever plugging them in to charge.

    Find some decent cloth tape to match your carpet or skirting boards and get creative with the cable routing.
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