Motherboard Internal Speaker Connections?

I'm building my computer but i have problems finding the wires for the motherboard internal speakers (the one that gives off error codes during boot). My motherboard is Intel P43 Gigabyte GA-EP43T-S3L, and in the F_Panel connections, i can't find the wires to plug into the SPEAK pins. i hear no beeps when i boot but I'm sure my computer has internal speakers because my computer would beep with my old motherboard installed. is it possible the internal speakers wires are named something other than SPEAK?
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  1. Look for two wires in a 4 pin header connector with the wires going to pins 1 and 4.

    It's also possible that the old motherboard had the speaker built into it. And it's also possible that your case did not come with a speaker. Many cases now do not.

    If you case or motherboard didn't come with a system speaker you can buy one here:
  2. Check case manual or mobo manual?
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