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Hi Community

I currently am thinking of getting a new case for my new pc. I am thinking of choosing a Thermaltake v9 or Thermaltake Armour MX+ but I am also open for feedback in which case you would recommend. Preferably i would like something that has USB ports at the front, also has many fans and also quiet as well.

I am going to put in a LGA1366 Motherboard and a Ati Radeon 5870 Graphics card into it. Other than my graphics card i wont be using much of the extension bay slots.

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  1. I do not care for ThermalTake cases. If I were starting over (I have standardized on Antec 900 cases), I'd look at the CoolerMaster cases.
  2. do you have a specific model that you would recommed?
  3. I have a Cooler master and like it a lot. Here is one that you might consider:

    also, I just helped a friend build out a Lian Li. This is a good case too:
  4. coolermaster haf 922 or 932, antec 900 or 902, coolermaster 690II advanced or coolermaster storm scout
  5. all of those cases i suggested have good airflow, are of good quality and are big enough for upgrades also they have decent cable management, just choose 1 that you think looks best
  6. thanks for all your replies ill take them all into consideration
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