Copy All Data From one Hardrive To another.

I recently built a computer and had to go with a very small hardrive to save money. My parents have found a computer they want to use for a home theater system and are willing to trade hard drives with me. However I don't have my windows disk anymore and it would take days to redownload all of my games. Is there a way I can Mirror the disk without first clearing it?
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  1. I cloned a drive with Seagates DiscWizard in about 20 mins. Two clicks of a mouse doesn't get much easier than that.

    Its a free program from the Seagate website.

    Not sure if it requires the drives to be Seagate brand, I'm assuming it doesn't really matter.

    If it does matter and you don't use Seagate drives, DriveImage XML will work for sure, and it's free as well.
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