Video Card recommendation under $200


Haven't seen any posts close enough to answer what i am looking for:

I am building a i7 930 system w/8GB ram and a decent mobo and want a good card for around $150.

I would like something that could crossfire (sorry this terminology is a bit new to me) and has 1GB of fast ram.

I only want the one card for now, and would like to spend around $150.
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  1. Under $200 for future XFire... HD 5770

    Under $150 for future XFire... HD 5750
  2. Get the 5770 for now and that would leave an option for adding another one in the future.And get 6GB(3x2GB)RAM.
  3. Agreed with the 5770 - i've eseen some of those on newegg after rebates for $140-$150

    BETTER QUESTION - why are you putting 8gb of RAM in an i7 930 rig? They utilize tri-channel ram (3 sticks) to really shinee. As tamz need a 6gb kit (3 sticks of 2gb of DDR3 1600)
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