What Do CPU/GPU Configuration You Use?

I was just wondering what configuration of CPU and GPU people were using.
I personally use AMD With ATI because Intel is just way to expensive for what you get and most AMD boards only do multiple graphics cards with ATI cards plus my track record with ATI has been better than nVidia.

Oh and if you select other please comment on what you use(If you feel like it). I'm just curious on what other types of CPUs/GPUs are out there.

Thanks, Quantum ;)
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    When budget allows, I go with Intel, but also have AMD CPUs running. I'll use whatever graphics card (either ATI or NVidia) that best suits that particular system's purpose at the time of purchase.

    -Wolf sends
  2. My main rig has a Q9450 O/C to 3ghz w/ a HD 4850. My 2nd rig has an Athlon II 240 also O/C to 3ghz w/ a HD4650
  3. this is my rig.

    asus p6x58d premium
    intel core i7 980x
    12gig of corsair ram HX3X12G1333C9
    noctua nh-d14 cpu cooler
    2x 300gb velociraptor in raid 0
    ati saphire hd5970
    corsair obsidian 800d case
    samsung 275t monitor
    corsair hx850 power supply
  4. My rig is on the P6X58D with a i7-920 and a Vapor-X HD5870 1GB. The 1366 was based on my interest in adding another GPU later on and the GPU seemed like on of the more quiet versions of the HD5870 and Eyefinity (which I have still not found funds for BUT when I finish my thesis and get a real job...). The combination has not disappointed till now placed in an Antec P193!

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