Air v.s liquid cooling

Hi I want to know which is the best cooling systems air or liquid.
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  1. Liquid, but its pretty hard to setup, much more expensive, and the risks involved is much greater than air. It also needs regular maintenance.
  2. Well define best... LN2 will get the coldest readings, while phase change does a pretty good job with sub ambient temperatures. Of coarse a good liquid cooling system will outperform an air cooled setup. That does however come at a price both in the wallet and in maintenance.

    Cheap water coolers usually aren't worth the money VS high end air. A 250 dollar Swiftech setup will smoke a 50 dollar air cooler, but is 200 dollars more.
  3. Liquid cooling is more efficient than air cooling.
  4. +1 to sportsfanboy

    he's referring to the Swiftech H20-220EGDE kit

    air cooling:
    good cooling will mean high cfm fans=lots-a-noise

    larger coolers=clearance issues with other parts+they tend to spew the hot air to other heat producing/OC sensitive components


    getting a larger rad will reduce the number of fans=low noise, near silence

    low cfm fans can be used if the rad is thicker

    higher headroom for OC's

    heck! maintaining it'll be just like fishing on a Sunday :P, don't like fishing ? then stay away from liquid cooling

    * risks are everywhere, even while assemblig your own rig, there's a chance of shorting out your components - but the prevention to it is research.
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