2 fans on same cpu_fan header - amps not sure?

I would like to know if it is possible *and safe* using a fan splitter cable to plug both an Core i7 950 stock fan and a Scythe 120mm Ultra Kaze 3000rpm Fan into the cpu_fan header of a GA-X58A-UDR3 motherboard?

I found this page

that says the Scythe uses 0,60A =.6 amps?

This page
but I don't know how many amps the i7 stock fan draws or the maximum amps that can be drawn from the cpu_fan header.

Also will the scythe speed increase/decrease just like the i7 stock fan speed does depending on temp.
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  1. Since you can use a molex to 3 or 4 pin header adapter, I'm not sure why you would want/need to do the splitter thing. Highly unlikely that the two fans could pull enough juice through the header to do harm to anything.
  2. Well, since the Scythe is came with 4pin adapter then you can use 4pin cable from PSU and don't need to use splitter. Are you running out 4pin connector from PSU?
  3. Thanks for your replies wa1 and festerovic. What I said I wanted to do was plug in the cpu heatsink fan and the Scythe fan into the single cpu_fan header so that they would *both* be controlled by the motherboard with their speed automatically adjusted according to the temperature of the cpu. That would necessitate a splitter in order to plug two fans into one header.

    I ended up just connecting the Scythe to my ZXT Sentry 2 fan controller so that I can control it manually.
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    Well, do realize that the header wants to adjust the speed based off voltage, and with two fans connected, they will not operate independently, but run at the same speed. The header will think they are one fan. One other thing: find out what the max rpms of the i7 stock fan are, you want it to be kinda close to each other.
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