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I would like to buy a new laptop for classes and watching DVDs. A windows interactive video asked my preferences and set me up with an
Asus U43JC Bamboo Collection. Is this a good computer? Any comments would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Take a look at this laptop too:

    Its out of stock right now, but it has the same cpu, better gpu, and will put out 8 hours. and its only $800 compared to 1000
  2. I saw 3 ACER systems blew up (literally) in front of my eyes, I would say finger of ACER.
    The first one happend on a ACER desktop pc about 16 years ago as I was just 14.
    I played a game and suddenly...bam! smoked...
    The second one, as I was in was on a Laptop from started getting hot and Buff on Warcraft the forzen throne...the plastic case underneath the proc melted suddenly..
    The last one happened a bout 3 years ago under DOTA...another was hot..and buff...smoke came out...
    I don't know is those were just pure coincidence or ACER is just delivering cheap products.
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