Xeon X3440 vs I5 760

Hey everyone, it has recently been brought to my attention by "Mr. Pizza" that I should buy the Xeon3440 over the i5 760. It's $240 and the i5 760 is $205. I will OC the xeon it i5 760 speeds so the Xeon would be the better buy because it has Hyper Threading for $35 more.
I will be using this for gaming and Converting Allot of video's from VOB to AVI.

Intel i5 760 or Xeon3340
ASRock p55 Extreme4
8GB (2x4GB) G.Skill Ripjaw DDR3 1333 C9

I haven't even considered the Xeon till he brought it up.
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  1. Well Xeon's are meant for servers but it would still be great for gaming. But I would rather go for the Corei5 760.
  2. ^we aren't "meant" to OC either but allot of us do :D.
    but whats your reasoning for getting the i5 760.
    If I was just gaming, yes I'd go i5. But the HT will make my movie conversions faster.
  3. The Xeon is just a Lynfield with ECC support, so if you want to OC, its worth it given you can utilize HT.

    But since youre OCing anyways, you might want the $215 X3430.
  4. ^no HT.

    I believe it looks like it'll run on my mobo with regular ram.
    looks like a fantastic buy to me. I love out of the ordinary :D
  5. Whoops, then X3440 it is.

    But WAIT, aren't you waiting for SB? giving in towards a Xeons wont make Mr. Core very happy. XD
  6. ^I decided against it, I wanted something that had been out for a while already. I don't want to have to wait for bug updates, if I have a problem I want to be able to find info on the problem since this is my first build. And an i5 or Xeon will suffice just fine for my needs.
  7. Alright fantastic.
    it will work with the mobo.
    "1156 Xeon X3440(B1) Lynnfield 2.53GHz BLK 133MHz 8MB 95W P1.10"

    I'm going to OC it running at 190x19 = 3.6ghz
    RAM: 190x7 =1330mhz

    I really can't see a reason why the i5 would be better here, anyone else object to that?
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