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I7 950 CPU 67c Idle

Hello, I have a problem here. I am looking at my CPU temps for my Intel i7 950 and on idle, the temperature is at 65c. I am using a stock cooler and I have an Antec P193. It's 50F in my home currently!
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    50c in your home, are you living in an abandoned building? LOL

    Anyway if it's cool or even 70c (normal room temp), there is no reason for the chip to be that high, provided you installed the fan correctly and all setting for the cpu are on default or auto.

    I would recommend putting a finger or two on the heat sink to see if it's getting warm, I bet it isn't. Second with realtemp open, gently put some presure on the cpu for a minute or two and see if the temps improve at all. The reason I'm telling you to do that is you most likely have an improper fan install.
  2. Wow, you're a genius. The lower right side of the heatsink was not fully pressed in where you snap the pin in. So, I pushed it down and it immediately dropped from 65c to 57c, and, although it still seems rather high, I am going to put the blame on the stock heatsink and the thermal compound. I'll be ordering the Corsair A70, so that should solve my heating problems.

    And no, I don't live in an abandoned building LOL, I have tile floor and to the hell with the heater I say... I can't even light it.
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